Jennifer Lopez goes back to the Bronx in official video for ‘Same Girl

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[To the tune of ‘Jenny from the Block’] She’s still, she’s still Jenny from the block, she used to have a little now she has a lot, no matter where she goes she knows where she came from… You get the picture, but if Jennifer Lopez‘s new video has proved anything at all, it’s definitely that she’s still the “same girl” after decades in the spotlight. See what I did there?

Originally published on Yahoo! Celebrity UK.

Jennifer Lopez has finally premiered the glamorous new video for her buzz single, ‘Same Girl‘, three weeks after the popular teaser dropped, but it’s better late than never right? I wasn’t even disappointed in the slightest. The three and a half minute visual begins with the sounds of a violin orchestra accompanied by a strong R&B beat, before J.Lo launches into an ode explaining how despite her successes and numerous accolades, she’s not egocentric and is still the same girl she always was, hopping on subway trains, walking down the streets of her hometown, the Bronx with no bodyguards, waving to locals, and overlooking the unmistakable picturesque skyline of a snow sprinkled New York City from a high-end rooftop. In an almost echo of her 2002 video for ‘Jenny from the Block‘, the video is strongly reminiscent of her identifiable style from back then, the cool J.Lo who wore a New York Yankees cap. Jenny even stops and takes photos with screaming fans in the video, whilst insistently stating “‘Cause in the end I’m still the same girl,” she says over the chorus… If only her other videos were like this, free from the sight of Pitbull and all.

[Is ‘Jenny from the Block’ back? J.Lo drops new video teaser for ‘Same Girl’ ]

“I called my gfs & some photographer friends, we just grabbed a camera, jumped on the train and ran around the Bronx,” J.Lo tweeted, before premiering the video on her official VEVO, “#SameGirl!!! Watch the video now worldwide on my @VEVO channel!!! #LETSGOOOO” (sic), she said. The video also saw support from Chris Brown, who helped write the song when the two went into the studio last year. They should really do that more often if they’re going to create songs like this…

The 44-year-old also recently premiered a brand new song, ‘Girls‘ on her Youtube just a few days ago. In collaboration with American record producer, DJ Mustard, the laid back mid-tempo is still following that defined hiphop route, “We don’t really care, girls just wanna’ have fun,” J.Lo says. It’s definitely not as enticing as Same Girl, but I quite like the club-orientated feel.

I really hope this is a taste of what’s to come on Jennifer Lopez’s new album, her tenth studio offering which is thought to be released later this year.


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