Was Beyonce and Jay Z’s performance at the Grammy’s really that controversial?


It’s been over a week now, and it seems as if the majority of viewers on the Internet are still on the same, tired, record that appears to be stuck – quite indefinitely.

I’m talking about Beyoncé and Jay Z’s controversial performance at the Grammy’s. The power couple, parents to two-year-old Blue Ivy, opened up the 56th annual awards show last Sunday, performing their hit ‘Drunk In Love‘ taken from Beyoncé‘s record-breaking self-titled visual album, which she debuted towards the end of last year.

Originally published on Yahoo! Celebrity UK.

[Will Beyonce and Jay Z perform ‘Drunk In Love’ together at the Grammy’s?]

Beyoncé opened the show wearing an outfit that drew complaints, before spinning around on a chair which drew complaints, before encountering a technical difficulty with her microphone feed, which drew more complaints, before Jay Z joined her which also drew complaints, the couple then started dancing together which yet again drew complaints, before hugging and walking off stage, which all but drew complaints. Beyoncé in particular then proceeded to breathe oxygen, blink, flutter her eyelashes and flick her hair, which again I’m sure probably drew a few complaints, here and there.

[Beyonce is so hot she creates a steam at the Grammy’s]

I mean, looking at that above list, it appears that all the above can be correlated to the majority of other female artists, such as Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga, but if you compare let’s say, Miley’s infamous ‘Blurred Lines‘ performance at the MTV VMA’s to Bey and Jay’s performance at the Grammy’s, it’s instantly clear which performance was classy, and which was not.

One of the main talking points this time round was the line about domestic violence in reference to Ike and Tina Turner’s marriage (“Eat the cake, Anna Mae,”) a lyric that was definitely uncalled for, although a play on words. I really, really wish they’d had left it out in its entirety ever since I first heard the song, it’s quite frankly extremely disappointing, but unfortunately it’s not omitted from both the original song and the live performance as a lyric, Jay’s no doubt a genius when it comes to writing his raps but there’s no excuse whatsoever for trivialising horrific domestic abuse for a metaphor when you could so easily substitute it for something else. Aside from that distasteful matter, the majority of the complaints are actually regarding… other things.

A lot of parents seemed to be unhappy that Beyoncé and Jay Z’s slightly risqué performance was aired after the watershed. Yes, AFTER the watershed… Or maybe they forgot to check that slight fact, but surely young impressionable children should be asleep at that time, and most importantly, shouldn’t parents themselves be in charge of what their children watch? If you don’t like the look of it, flick the channel. But most importantly, parenting belongs to the individual parent, and not Beyoncé! NotRihanna! Not Miley Cyrus and whatever other name fits the list. I’m always baffled when these comments appear about any performer, aside from those absolutely classless, outrageously shambolic and predominantly inappropriate displays that are completely borderline explicit performances (which is yet to happen on mainstream television?) I’m always confused when these comments are raised after fairly mellow performances.

I’m not defending her outright here but I wasn’t aware that couple’s weren’t allowed to display affection in public because it automatically became the subject of a nonsensical taboo. Shock, horror, gasp… But I guess you learn something new every day.

Overall, I hope Beyoncé and Jay Z perform at the Grammy’s next year too… but with a different song of course.


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