Will Beyonce perform at this year’s Brit Awards? I sure hope so!


Well this was rather unexpected… Or was it?

Apparently, one of the world’s biggest stars is rumoured to be performing at this year’s Brit Awards, I say apparently, because I’ll believe it when I see it. After being told by many various news outlets that this person was performing at the Brits Awards for at least, the last five years, forgive me if I automatically approach this “confirmed” news with a slight sense of apprehension.

Originally published on Yahoo! Celebrity UK.

But “who are you talking about?” I hear you ask. Well, it’s none other that ‘Drunk In Love’ singerBeyoncé herself, who is thought to be taking to the stage at the prestigious awards show just next week… (yes, I did say next week, how ever will anyone cope?). According to The Sun Newspaper, “Beyoncé is on” the Brits organisers said. “The only reason this has not yet been announced officially is because the Brits guys are nervous that it could all go wrong again, but what I can tell you is that in her camp it’s 99.9 per cent one,” their source continues – which surprisingly, actually makes a whole lot of sense. Let’s just hope they’re right this time.

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I usually tend to take these rumours with a pinch of salt, gathering we get a lot of them, and more importantly considering that the same thing happened last year, however, after buying tickets, me and my friends were told that Bey had in fact pulled out of the awards show because her new material wasn’t ready and we had to sell our tickets (but that’s a different story,) however, on this occasion, I think it’s highly likely that she’ll do it, considering she’ll be in the UK for her Mrs Carter Show World Tour, which kicks off next Thursday for two nights in Glasgow, before travelling for a double round in both Birmingham and Manchester and finally ending with six dates in London respectively. If she doesn’t perform at the Brits this year… I personally don’t think she’ll ever do it, ever again (I’ll try to hold back my tears, don’t worry).

However, if Bey was to perform at the Brits next Wednesday, it’ll mark her first Brits live television performance in ten years, since 2004, where she performed ‘Crazy In Love‘. The 32-year-old will join previously announced performers Katy Perry, Ellie Goulding, Pharrell, Lorde and Superbowl star Bruno Mars, amongst many others, in what sure to be a star-studded night, on and off the red carpet (which Bey probably won’t walk on for the record, unfortunate as that is.) This year’s Brit Awards will take place on Wednesday 19th February at London’s 02 Arena, broadcast live on ITV1 and will be available on live stream across the world – for the first time in history.

But will Beyoncé actually perform?… I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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