Australian singer-songwriter Sia swings from a “Chandelier” with new single


Ever wondered who the vocalist behind the chorus of hit songs such as David Guetta’s ‘Titanium‘ and Flo Rida’s ‘Wild Ones‘ was? Well wonder no more, because it’s none other than Sia – but I’m sure most of you already know that.

Originally published on Yahoo! Celebrity UK.

The Australian singer-songwriter has collaborated with everybody (and I mean, virtually everybody) over the years, from the likes of Beyoncé, Eminem and Britney Spears, to Jennifer Lopez, Celine Dion and Kylie Minogue. Not to mention she wrote Rihanna’s monster hit ‘Diamonds‘ back in 2012, andBeyonce‘s ‘Pretty Hurts’ from her current album… I’m pretty sure she’s had a hand in writing many of my most favourite songs, so it’ll come as no surprise that the mastermind herself is now gearing up to release her sixth studio album.

Chandelier‘ is Sia’s first solo single in four years, following the release of her fifth album ‘We Are Born‘ in 2010. Two seconds in on my first listen, I immediately thought the song would have been perfect for Rihanna, which is slightly ironic because in a recent interview with Ryan Seacrest, Sia casually admitted that the song was intended for another artist (or three) “I usually think, oh this would work for Rihanna, or this would be a good one for Bey or Katy,'” Sia said. “But this time I was like, uh oh I think I just wrote a full-blown pop song for myself by accident!” – If only it was really was that easy to write hit songs for yourself, completely by accident, well… we’d all be doing it right now, wouldn’t we?

Nevertheless, ‘Chandelier’ is the perfect pop song, infused with a little bit of soul and, coupled with brilliant lyrics to match. Let’s face it, anything that Sia writes turns into gold (and she’s got the records and #1 hits to prove it), however, I do still think there is something missing from this track, but that’s not important, after all, Sia has just informed the world that she’s going to swing from a chandelier (“I’m gonna’ swing from a chandelier,”) – which doesn’t sound very safe at all, so shouldn’t we be calling the fire brigade or something? In all seriousness though, the song portrays a journey of finally making it, with nothing stopping you along the way. Swinging from a chandelier, living like life doesn’t exist combined with flying like a bird through the night seems to be part of Sia’s repotiare, as she explains how she’s “Just holding on for tonight,” which to me suggests that it’s just temporary, and she’ll be back to normality before the night is out.

Something that isn’t temporary however, it Sia’s ability to write award-winning hits, so I’m looking forward to checking out her new album in a few months.


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