Beyoncé breaks down in tears as she bids a final farewell to the Mrs Carter Show World Tour


All things must eventually come to an end… and superstar Beyoncé ended her 132 date, year-long Mrs Carter Show World Tour last week. I know, I know, how on earth will we ever go on? *wipes tears* I don’t even know myself… but in all seriousness, I know she’ll be back with another tour soon. Sooner than most of us all think, so it’s not a total loss.

Originally published on Yahoo! News.

From performing all over the world from Brazil and South America, Australia, to several shows in North America and Europe, including 12 sold-out dates at London’s very own 02 arena, Mrs Carter finally brought her record-breaking tour to an emotional end with two nights in Portugal’s capital city, Lisbon.

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Taking to the stage towards the end of the show in Lisbon, the songstress proceeded to thank her fans for their devotion, as she bid them farewell and said goodbye to a journey many like myself had followed from the very start, “I want a spotlight. I want them to see me,” she began, as the white light shone down upon her, “If you all don’t know, tonight makes 132 shows and tonight is the last show of the Mrs. Carter Show!” She continued, “We started a year ago and I want to say this has been such a journey, in the past year, we’ve been through so much together – The Super Bowl, shooting videos, all of these shows,” she gestured,” When I first started the tour, my baby was not even walking yet!” she continued, as the crowd exploded in applause, “I just want you all to know that I am so lucky,” she added, before the tears arrived.

“I’m giving y’all an ugly cry, thank y’all again, thank you for allowing me to have a career,” she said, before things got even more emotional, “And when I fall, you lift me up, when I’m hungry, you feed me and I just want to give you my light… I dedicate this song to you,” she cried, before launching into a beautiful heartfelt rendition of ‘XO‘, taken from her current self-titled album.

Have to admit, I had a number of thoughts racing through my head when I first watched that video, firstly, that “ugly cry” is non-existent and the definition must vary between people because I don’t think Beyoncé realises that she couldn’t “ugly cry,” even if the world depended on it, but that’s an entirely different story. Skipping to the most important factor, I immediately thought Bey was going to retire when I heard “Thank you for allowing me to have a career,” but fortunately – that is not the case. I attended numerous dates of the Mrs Carter Show World Tour, and aside from being the best few weeks of my lives, the experience was something that was irreplaceable. The inspiration you garner from seeing Beyonce perform live is presently something else, it’s incomparable, nothing comes close to the euphoric atmosphere of her shows, she really is the greatest if not one of the greatest performers alive – You can only understand the full extent of that when you’ve witnessed her harnessing and perfecting her craft with your own two eyes.

I have a feeling she’ll be back soon… Very soon indeed. Watch this space.

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