Is Drake rapping about Rihanna in new track ‘Days In The East’?


Well, Drake’s at it again it seems. Everyone’s favourite Canadian rapper has debuted his brand new track, ‘Days In The East‘. I’m willing to put bets on the fact that rumoured girlfriend, Rihanna herself, is behind the song’s inspiration, owing to the fact that it’s completely full of subliminal one-liners about the Bajan songstress. How cute can you get?

Originally published on Yahoo! Celebrity UK.

‘Days In The East’ follows previously unveiled track ‘Draft Day’ and was initially debuted during Drake’s show in Birmingham last month. Beginning with lyrics suggesting he’s sick of questions relating to his rumoured girlfriend, the smouldering song moves on to become an almost lyrical road map, packed full of not-so-subtle hints that almost anyone with a brain could decipher.

[Finally! Drake and Rihanna hold hands in London]

With that being said, here are a few lyrics that make me think the song is about Rihanna:

“Waking up in Amsterdam with the boy, long flight home, another xan for your boy… You would probably kill another man for the boy.” Drake sings, Rihanna recently flew all the way from the states to join her rumoured beau in the Netherlands for the remaining shows of his successful, “Would You Like A Tour?” tour which took them all over Europe, ending with three nights-in-a-row in London. Of course, Rihanna attended every single one of these shows and supported her man in the audience; so surely the song has to be about her?

“Before you said you’re mine I was yours already,” Drake says. This lyric automatically made me think about his verse in Beyoncé’sMine‘ of her current self-titled album, in which Drizzy’s entire contribution is almost certainly about Rihanna. Apart from rapping about “I just wanna’ say you’re mine, you’re mine,” the 27-year-old also states how how he’s always “been about” whoever he’s talking about… which, if you put two and two together, is RiRi. Aww.

“You go to Chanel and get rewards already,” – If you know Rihanna, you’ll know how much she loves Chanel, and when the 26-year-old was in Paris recently, she attended the Chanel show at Paris Fashion Week and was essentially the centre of attention, just because she turned up. Say it’s all really, doesn’t it?

Perhaps most telling of all however, is that right before Drake drops an anecdote about visiting Erykah Badu’s house for tea and shares her life lessons on love, he samples none other than Rihanna’s smash hit, ‘Stay‘, (“I threw my hands in the air, said show me something”) which you can clearly hear in the background.

Is Drake’s ‘Days In The East’ about Rihanna? Why not take a listen over here.


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