Why Melanie Fiona should perform a UK show this year

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You may not be too familiar with the name Melanie Fiona, but the underrated Canadian singer-songwriter has been virtually flying under the radar for quite some time now. Well, I say under the radar, but in reality she’s doing more than fine in the USA.

Originally published on Yahoo! Celebrity UK.

From winning Grammy Awards, to supporting Beyoncé herself on her ‘Mrs Carter Show World Tour‘ in the states, as well as performing numerous high profile gigs across North America, not to mention being managed under the stellar wing of Jay-Z’s Roc Nation, the 30-year-old has done it all – all, except perform in the UK within the lastfour years, that is.

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The last time Melanie performed in the UK was in 2010, on the back of her Grammy’s nominated album, The Bridge, and a full UK tour supporting Alicia Keys. Since then, the songstress has debuted Grammy-nominated album, ‘The MF Life‘ and numerous exclusive songs, including the Pepsi sponsored single, ‘Cold Piece‘ which she released late last year. However, since then, the songstress has had four birthdays and has not made one single appearance in Great Britain, ever since… I genuinely feel like this a never-ending game of “Where’s Wally/Waldo” but of course, in terms of “Where’s Melanie,” because wherever she is, she certainly doesn’t seem to be over here. It almost seems like she’s “Gone And Never Coming Back,” which is a bit ironic, considering it’s the name of one of her songs (sorry, not sorry).


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Personally, I’ve really had just quite enough of this, like what does a girl like me have to do to see one of her favourite artists perform a live show in the UK? The British music scene is pretty scarse in the female R&B aspect, but promoters have recently managed to secure many artists from the American contemporary R&B scene for various live shows, including the likes of Ciara, Tamar Braxton, Brandy, Ashanti, Bridget Kelly, Jhene Aiko and most recently, Jazmine Sullivan, who headlined her very own show at London’s exclusive KOKO venue at the weekend. Even recently freed songbird JoJo is currently in talks to perform at London’s IndigO2 this summer, so why is it, that Melanie is still yet to be seen on this side of the water? Just how much longer will we have to wait?

Many of Melanie’s supporters have expressed their frustration at the seemingly never-ending wait, with one dedicated fan even considering going to New York at the top of 2015 if Melanie doesn’t make an appearance. Nevertheless, I’ll be packing myself into that fan’s suitcase if worst comes to worst, and Melanie doesn’t make an appearance in the UK this year. I just think it’s about time that Melanie’s UK supporters like myself get to experience songs from ‘The MF Life’ and ‘The Bridge’ live, including the likes of ‘Give It To Me Right‘, ‘Change The Record‘, ‘4AM‘ and ‘This Time.’ Performing over here would also ensure further expansion of her dedicated fanbase and would help garner the support she so rightfully deserves.

So should I book flights to New York right now with the help of selling my belongings, or should I wait for that imminent announcement that will probably arrive in half a century? Who knows? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


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