Why Beyoncé and Jay Z should just go ahead and announce their rumoured joint tour


Yes, you did read that right. Music’s superstar couple Beyoncé and Jay Z are rumoured to be launching a joint tour! Surely that’s way too good to be true? Well according to a few national papers in America, the duo are rumoured to be a launching a 20-date joint tour, heading to stadiums all over the US, thus combining two of music’s biggest forces once more.

Originally published on Yahoo! Celebrity UK.

Well it was evident really, Blue Ivy’s parents have been dropping not-so-subtle hints for quite a while now, having performed at the Grammy’s together, not to mention popping up at each other’s shows for a while now – most recently with Jay himself joining his wife at not one, but all SIX sold-out London shows on her recent Mrs Carter Show World Tour, to perform monster hit ‘Drunk In Love‘. I witnessed that performance on four separate occasions, and the audiences went wild and almost collapsed (I have vivid memories of being squashed against the front row barrier,) so a joint tour would make complete sense. But seriously now, what could be better?

[Was Beyonce and Jay Z’s performance at the Grammy’s really that controversial?]

It appears that the day fans have been waiting is finally here, and if rumours are to be believed, The Carters will venture across their homeland towards the end of June, before heading to Europe in September, for a multiple flurry of dates across the spectrum, including several nights in Paris, and London, the latter of which they’re rumoured to be performing at Twickenham Stadium (which is probably my least favourite stadium ever, but oh well, I don’t have a choice) but nevertheless – I can’t wait! I expect the official announcement will follow the release of the much anticipated video for their duet, ‘On The Run (Part II)’.

[Beyonce and Jay Z teaming up for tour ]

If the tour goes ahead (of course, as of yet it hasn’t been confirmed) then all I ask for is a mix ofBeyoncé’s ‘Bow Down’ and ‘Diva‘, coupled with Jay’z ‘Tom Ford’ and ‘Dirt Off Your Shoulder‘ all in quick succession. I’d love for them to work through all their collaborations including ‘That’s How You Like It’ and ‘Welcome To Hollywood’ to see the light of the day but I highly doubt they’ll even get a look in, but one can wish… ‘Upgrade U‘ on the other hand had better get a look in.

Overall, I think if the tour were to ahead, history would essentially be made. If you’ve witnessed both Jay Z and Beyoncé in concert like I have multiple times, then you’ll know how ridiculously mind-blowing the concerts will be, with a ticket struggle and absolute website crashing frenzy preceding what is literally, the biggest tour of the decade, by two of the biggest music superstars of our generation. But that can’t be helped, the tour should go ahead so music enthusiasts and fans can appreciate a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness two of the most decorated and celebrated artists in the world perform a concert together. If I had to choose between this and a ‘joint album’, I’d immediately choose the tour, because some amazing things like, just need to happen at least once…

So will the ‘Mr and Mrs Carter Tour’ go ahead? I guess we’ll have to wait for the official announcement… and buy tickets.

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