Jhene Aiko keys ex-boyfriend’s car in video for ‘Comfort Inn Ending (Freestyle)’


Jhené Aiko definitely has lots of reasons to smile these days. From recently getting off tour with good friend Drake on his UK stint of “Would You Like A Tour?”, to performing at the world-renownedCoachella festival (including bringing her adorable daughter Namiko Love onstage), to releasing her debut EP ‘Sail Out’ to critical acclaim, Jhené’s done it all.

Originally published on Yahoo! Celebrity UK.

I mean, she even keyed a man’s car, a lovely, pearlescent, icy white, very expensive looking Porsche at that, in her brand new video for ‘Comfort Inn Ending (Freestyle)‘ after she found out he cheated on her. But aside from that bit of acting, the songstress has been sailing high these days, as she flourishes with her fast-growing music career.

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‘Comfort Inn Ending (Freestyle)’ is the final track of Jhené’s critically acclaimed EP, ‘Sail Out‘ which she debuted late last year, boasting tracks such as ‘The Worst‘ and ‘Bed Peace‘. This is my favourite song from the EP, and I appreciate the way Jhené is really conveying her true feelings and depicting her life in her songs, the raw honesty is unmatched and I’m looking forward to catching her shows when she’s next in the UK.

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After keying her ex-boyfriend’s car, a vengeful Jhené wipes away her tears and continues her uncontrollable tirade, as sets up a bonfire after dousing the area with gasoline, and lighting a match, “I was not the only one to you, so I was the only lonely one), the 26-year-old sings. The songstress then decides to continue to use her initiative and throws another expensive looking pair of Air Jordan’s into the fire (I think they’re XI’s, which are amongst the most sought after shoes ever!), along with bundles of clothes and gold jewellery. Ignore the pun, but the girl is really on fire these days!

The singer then poignantly touches on the passing of her brother Miyagi, who died of cancer in 2012, before leaving one final message to her former flame, “Why would you call it love when you knew that it wasn’t?” Jhené sings, over the soft strings of an acoustic guitar as she reminisces over her romance alongside the stunningly yet simple, vibrant backdrop of a greenery in the countryside, but all too soon the video comes to an end, as Jhené stares at the white hot bonfire in silence. Moral of the story? Guys, don’t cheat on Jhené Aiko, ever. Unless you want your belongings to burn in gasoline and your car needing new paintwork.

Jhené is currently working on her debut album ‘Souled Out’ which is due to be released later this time, but in the mean time, check out the video for ‘Comfort Inn Ending (Freestyle) below!

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