Exclusive Interview: Trey Songz talks new album ‘Trigga’, romance and recent lies!


R&B favourite, Trey Songz, was recently in the UK in support of his much-anticipated new album ‘Trigga’, and I managed to have a chat with the ‘Simply Amazing‘ singer-songwriter himself.

As seen on Yahoo! Celebrity UK

‘Trigga’ is Trey’s sixth studio album and is the follow up to 2012’s ‘Chapter V‘, boasting singles such as ‘Na Na’ and the newly released ‘Smartphones.’ I was lucky to enough to attend Trey’s listening party for the album too, and heard tracks such as the hard-hitting ‘Foreign’ (which would naturally find a home in any club), Y.A.S, and the allusive R&B track known as ‘Cake On Menu’ which is naturally full of innuendo’s. But my highlight so far has to be ‘Change Your Mind‘ which reminds me of summer and will no doubt be in an instant favourite amongst most of his fans.

[Trey Songz debuts steamy new video for ‘Na Na’]

I sat down with Mr Steal Yo’ Girl, as he sometimes refers to as himself, (which ironically, is also a track on his new album) to discuss everything from the upcoming release, collaborations and touring, to romantic endeavours, career advice to the ‘old Trey’ and telling lies…. what’s the last lie Trey Songz told? When will Trey be performing in the UK? What’s the most romantic thing Trey has ever done? Find out in the full video below:

On Trigga:

“Trigga is you know, my sixth studio album. It’s my every emotion at this point in my life, it’s the good, the bad, the ugly, it’s the beautiful, it’s last night, It’s love, it’s hard-hitting beats, but beautiful keys. It’s beautiful melodies, it’s so personal to me as well, of course I have songs that are impersonal, that are fun records, that just want to get people to move and dance, but as you get to the depths and the layers of the album, it gives you an insight to my life at the person that I am – and what’s going on in my life as I try to figure out growing into manhood, and taking on the responsibility that I do and trying to find love…”

On advice that he’d give to the 2005 Trey Songz:

“Have more patience. I would tell myself to calm down a little bit, I was little crazy! I’ll tell myself to cut my hair a little earlier, I’ll tell myself to eat a little more, hit the gym a little sooner, pull your pants up, wear your clothes a little smaller (laughs), no but I’d say that jokingly, but one thing that I love about my past is everything I’ve done I’ve learnt rom. Every step that I’ve taken is one that needed to be taken, to understand where I am, to be where I am.”

On his next UK show:

“I do know that I’ll be here in Wembley on February 14th next year – I’ll be spending Valentine’s day right here with my UK Angels baby…”

To pre-order Trigga click here

Watch the full interview below:

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