Interview: Rough Copy discuss life since the X Factor, signing to Epic Records and more

After finishing fourth on the tenth series of The X Factor in 2013, (behind Luke Friend, Nicholas McDonald and winner Sam Bailey), fan favourites Rough Copy , are preparing to launch their own onslaught on the charts, with the help of Epic Records, who they recently signed to. Having just released their debut single, ‘Street Love,’ (which samples Anita Baker’s, Sweet Love’ the trio are busy recording their album, whilst performing gigs across the UK.

Originally published on Yahoo! Celebrity UK.

I sat down with Kazeem, “Kaz” Ajobe, Joey James and Sterling Ramsay to discuss everything from their debut single, ‘Street Love ‘, to signing a record deal with Epic, making sacrifices and life after the X Factor. Who’s the messiest in the group? And who’s the most vain? Find out in the full video below:

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On signing a record deal with Epic Records:

Joey: “It’s an amazing feeling, you know what I mean? For seven years we’ve been together and the hard work does pay off, you’ll get there so make sure you work hard. Hard work does pay off you know, you’ll get there in the end.”

On why each of them chose music:

Kaz: “Music, why did I choose music. You know what it is, when I saw people, and artists, like say Usher, on TV and he’s inspired me, if they can make me feel how I’m feeling now, I would like to make people feel like that. To inspire people really.”

Joey: “There’s no better feeling then being onstage, I know when I’m stage, that’s what I was born to do, I know when I’m on stage how I’m feel, that there’s no other place I’d rather be, and it’s like, it’s just like, when I’m onstage I prefer thousands instead of hundreds, the more of a crowd there is, the more I feel like I’m flying, onstage is the most comfortable place I am.”

Sterling: “Well music is me, I snore, my snores are notes, I love my music, I come from a very musical background and it’s just something that I was born to do, I couldn’t choose another… like I was teacher, went on to be a mentor, but no matter what I did in the education field, it always led back to music, so music is one thing that keeps everyone together.”

On how they would describe their journey through The X Factor:

Kaz: “A rollercoaster.”

Sterling: “Literally, pressure, rollercoasters, it was a crazy time and we all went through something. Obviously me and Joey were going through a different thing that Kaz was going through because we had to go to New York – but it was a great experience.”

Joey: “It’s like we all had individual journey’s you know, but journeys together at the same time. ”

To download ‘Street Love’ on iTunes click here .

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