Chris Brown fires up latest single ‘New Flame’ featuring Usher and Rick Ross

new flame

Since being released from jail, Chris Brown has been busy working behind the scenes to ensure that his much-anticipated, sixth studio album album, ‘X’ arrives without any more delays. I mean, that’s only right really, it has been pushed back several times; I still thought it was supposed to come out of his birthday on May 5th? But I guess that shows how much I know, he was behind bars at this point so I suppose it wouldn’t quite work, although it would now since he’s out (that’s a hint, I need this album soon.)

Originally published on Yahoo! Celebrity UK

The R&B star has teamed up with Usher and rapper Rick Ross for his fiery new record ‘New Flame‘, set to be the fifth single from ‘X’. Judging by the amount of time Chris has been out in the game, I’m actually surprised he and Usher hadn’t jumped on a track together sooner. As arguably the two biggest R&B male artists of the decade, I would of thought this collaboration would have happened years ago. I’d like to include my other favourite male artist, Trey Songz in that previous category but he unfortunately hasn’t achieved the same mainstream success as them, yet, although both he and Usher did appear in Chris’ video for monster hit, ‘Loyal‘ back in March.

New Flame‘ will find a home on any R&B lover’s playlist, and shows that despite everything Chris will still be reaffirming his place in the genre that most enhances and showcases his talent. The beat for this one is not as distinct as the beats in both ‘Loyal’ and ‘Show Me,” as it takes on a more solemn tone, but Usher’s verse is perhaps most notable, as he states, “Who said you can’t find love in the club? Cause I wanna tell them they’re wrong,” in reference to his 2008 colossal hit of the same name. “Come on, baby, try a new thing, and let’s spark a new flame,” he continues.

I love the way Usher and Chris’ voices blend over this track, it’s almost as if reinventing their signature R&B sound on the back of a solid, yet smooth 808 beat. The track has almost been set up to be another club banger, but instead took the ballad route, which heavy influence from Usher and his hefty catalogue of wealth and experience. I do feel as if Rick Ross’ verse in particular isn’t needed on this track, and I’d prefer an extended hook from Usher to bring the track home, before the two adlib over each other’s vocals, but I really hope they eventually record a video for this, for quite obvious reasons.

Take a listen to ‘New Flame’ here.


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