EastEnders Episode 5188 11/12/15: Vincent gets a birthday surprise

Does anyone in EastEnders ever have a ‘normal’ birthday? And by ‘normal’, I mean without getting murdered, kidnapped, falling off a bridge, having a wedding that miraculously goes wrong or getting shouted and screamed at by an exceedingly angry Shirley Carter nursing a hangover.

Originally published on Yahoo! Celebrity UK.

The lucky birthday boy of Friday’s episode was none other than resident bad boy Vincent Hubbard, who ended his utterly joyful day by getting a pig’s head wrapped up in a gift box as a present. Happy birthday to you? Well yes, I guess, if you like that sort of thing; but something tells me Vincent doesn’t.

To make matters worse, having handed Ronnie Mitchell all the information he had on her family, he receives a visit from a mystery former colleague who tells him he’s being relieved of his rather shady duties, “You’re a liability mate, I’m cutting your loose”, the man says, warning him to watch his back before sauntering off. Poor Vincent hasn’t had a very good birthday at all, has he? But I guess that’s what you get if you’re a snitch.

Meanwhile, Claudette is still on a rampage of her very own and isn’t impressed when her son tells her his ‘job’ is over, “This only ends when the last Mitchell is six feet under,” she tells him, before reminding Vincent why he started working undercover in the first place. So, let me get this straight, the reason why Vincent was so adamant on taking the Mitchell’s down was because they’re the reason his dad is dead? That actually sounds too good to be true, hands up if you think he’s still alive or something else twisted, all in typical Albert Square style of course.

Talking about unexpected gifts, Denise Fox had earlier opened her front door to find herself face-to-face with daughter Libby (you know, the one who went to Oxford University for about ten years) but Libby hasn’t arrived without bearing a gift of her own. Libby goes on to tell Denise that sister Chelsea has gone against the grain and spoken to her troubled half-brother Jordan, who some will remember is the son of Denise’s psycho ex-husband Lucas, who is probably still busy scratching religious messages into the walls of his prison cell.

However, it seems like Denise has already made her final decision about whether or not to help Jordan, as she tells Libby she’s prepared to visit Lucas in prison, much to her disbelief. I can almost envision poor Libby shaking her head all the way to Oxford, bless her heart.

In other news, Ben Mitchell is still trapped in the closet just like R Kelly, and instead of using mum Kathy’s earlier outburst to confirm his sexuality, he decides to tell Abi that Kathy is just “Dragging up the past” and that he does really love her. Careful Pinocchio… Oops, I mean Ben. Anyway, in this situation I’m more concerned about Abi, she clearly has a plant pot for a brain if she still believes him.


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