Hollyoaks Episode 4277 15/12/15 – A Surprise Visitor Turns Up At Freddie’s Funeral

After watching tonight’s episode of Hollyoaks, I’m quite sure that Nancy and Darren are more on and off than the light switch in the landing of my house. Exactly how long has this been going on for? Because quite conveniently, I’ve lost track.

Originally published on Yahoo! Celebrity UK.

Having heard the news that Charlie had finally started talking, I distinctly remember an elated Nancy stating something along the lines of “This the best Christmas present I could wish for,” but what’s for certain is I don’t think she was just talking about her son, as towards the end of the episode she tells Darren what everybody else who was watching, has known all along – She still loves him. As she casually blurts out those eight letters during a heart-to-heart on the sofa, but a tactful Darren is still as dumbstruck as ever.

You would be forgiven for thinking that this episode was about Darren and Nancy when in reality, the main talking point should have been Freddie’s funeral. But It’s always the same story in Soapland isn’t it? Whether it’s Christmas, a wedding, a birthday party, a funeral, nothing goes off without a bang, especially not in this corner of Chester.

Of course in Hollyoaks you have the added element of psychotic super-villain Lindsey, aka the Gloved Hand Killer who as it stands is clearly a few screws short of a hardware store, running amok making sure that people stay in coma’s and what not, but that’s another story. Talking about Lindsey though, guess who stormed into the funeral last-minute, hospital gown and all? Her little sister Kim of course, it does make me wonder whether Kim will be next on her lengthy list of victims if she continues to get in her sister’s way.

Despite always feeling that Hollyoaks is deliberately targeted towards a much younger demographic than its rivals due to the younger ages of the majority of the cast, I do think it still manages to hold its own, as proven in recent tough real-life storylines such as Freddie’s “death”, Mercedes’s devastating stillbirth and the reality of child abuse such as with Cleo McQueen. But most enthralling of all at the moment, is definitely the show’s depiction of Lindsey and what goes on in that crazy, twisted, yet ultimately brilliant mind of hers.

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