Scandal Season 5 Episode 3 Recap -What Happens When Liv Is The Scandal That Needs To Be Handled?

Scandal has always been one of my all-time favourite TV shows.

From tackling issues such as misogyny, patriarchy, racism and police brutality to conspiracy, government relations and war, Scandal has it all, and credit to its fabulous creator Shonda Rhimes for never once being afraid to tackle a prominent yet controversial issue others do not, who might I add, is also the creative mastermind behind hit shows such as Grey’s Anatomy and How To Get Away With Murder.

Originally published on Yahoo! Celebrity.

And then of course, you have the main character that is Olivia Pope, who quite frankly is the epitome of the term “life goals” for most women like myself. I mean, she’s clearly an immensely powerful individual, who has done extremely well for herself in her career, both academically and professionally, she almost constantly emits natural elitism and her influence and strength and wit is unmatched within the show. Like who wouldn’t want to be Olivia Pope? It’s as if she doesn’t seek validation from anyone but herself, and I think that’s what everyone should aspire to emulate, personal life and discretions aside.

However, let’s not forgot about her affair with the President, which is what last night’s episode was about, considering after almost five seasons of hiding away in secret, Olivia finally came clean and told the press about her affair, so of course the White House is in complete turmoil and poor Abby is on a rampage looking like she’s about to set fire to everyone in sight. Seeing as I love Scandal so much, I’ve already watched this episode a handful of times, not just the once, but surprisingly, every time I have I’ve noticed that the shining portrayal from this episode came from Mellie Grant, the President’s estranged wife.

I mean Fitz might be happy that the cat is finally out the bag and he and Liv can finally be together in public (or so he thinks,) but of course, as always it’s Mellie who throws a spanner into the works, and rightfully so. Mellie has really been growing on me this season, I’ve always seen a woman who has worked selflessly and made numerous sacrifices to support her husband through his presidential campaign, even going through the murder of their eldest child Jerry, but naturally, Fitz is as obnoxious and ungrateful as ever and needs to realise that the world doesn’t not revolve around him, so why shouldn’t Mellie get her own back for once and do things for her, and her alone?

Meanwhile, Liv’s ex-lover Jake has been doing some digging of his own when news comes in that the Louvre in “Paris is burning”, hence the title of the episode. But who could be behind this attack, is Papa Pope about to make a triumphant return to our screens?

To cut a long story short, after Mellie later delivers a hard hitting emotionally rendering speech to Liv and reduces her to tears, it’s towards the end of the episode when we learn that she and Cyrus have become BFF’s and are secretly teaming up to bring down Fitz once and for all, which is not actually that surprising considering aside from Liv, they are the ones that have done the most for him and been stabbed in the back for it. But question is, what will Liv do about this now? Her famous words “It’s handled” seem quite redundant in this aspect, because after all, what happens when it’s Liv herself who is actually the very scandal that needs to be handled?


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