Interview: JoJo on her triumphant return, escaping her record label and ‘Mad Love’


You’d be forgiven for almost forgetting about JoJo.

I say almost, as the talented singer-songwriter is anything but forgettable, and despite being trapped in a record label for ten years beyond her control, she has still managed to continuously release music, much to the delight of her loyal fanbase.

Exclusively published on Yahoo! News UK.

Joanna Noëlle Blagden Levesque – orJoJo”, as she is professionally known, may only be twenty-six, but she speaks with the clarity, intellectuality and backstory of a woman wise beyond her years. Her music speaks to the soul, it is able to convey the greatest of love stories, the growth, and the re-birth of a soul after hurt, all at once, I guess this is why she has been able to keep doing what she does despite being trapped by Blackground records who refused to let her out of a contract up until 2015. Since then the, star has been diligently working on her comeback album – Comeback being used loosely, since despite being caged, the songstress has been anything but subdued. JoJo is one for the go-getters, the ones who feel as if all is lost, the ones who feel as if they have lost the fight, for she is the true example that you can win and you can bounce back from whatever life throws you, and whilst doing so – You can come back at your best, and she is just that. Yet most exciting of all, her best is still yet to come.

I sat down with the songstress for an exclusive chat about all things music, her record label issues, collaborations, and her triumphant return, but if anything is clear from our conversation, it’s the fact that you can never stop her, even if you try.

JoJo is on her way to the top, and she doesn’t care whether you try to stop her or not, for she is much more than what you expect her to be, she is limitless, free and radiating with ‘Mad Love’.

How she describes ‘Mad Love’:

“I would describe it as pop, as that is what I say. I would say ‘Reckless is my favourite track to perform, and my favourite from the album.,”

On her favourite artists right now:

“I’m really loving Anderson Paak right now,”

What she loves most about London:

“I would have to say my fans, and the weather,”

On the last lie she told:

“I’ll be down in five minutes!” (laughs) 

Her secret hangover cure:

“Pickle juice…”

Watch the full interview below, exclusively seen on Yahoo! News.


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