General Election 2017: Think of you, the many, not the few

This is the most important election of our lifetime.

Whoever you vote for today, please just ensure you think of others, as much as you are thinking about yourself.

Think of our struggling working class. Think of the millions that rely on food banks to survive, despite the fact we are one of the richest countries in the world. Think of those who are struggling to live due to having their benefits cut and sanctioned. Think of those who suffer from mental health issues yet are unable to seek the basic care they need. Think of those who have committed suicide due to the DWP declaring them ‘fit to work’ when they quite obviously, are not. Think of the public service workers, the doctors and nurses, the police, the firefighters and everyone who looks after you.

But most all, think of those who have died or suffered a tremendous amount as a result of the cuts to our magnificent NHS. We must save the NHS at all costs.

We must not ever forget them. If that happened to be you and if the shoe was on the other foot… Would you want people to forget you? Would you want them to think it was ok?

Think of you. The many. Not the few.

Also… For those who are saying “I’m not voting because it’s not going to count anyway” – Please just get a grip. Sort yourself out, and don’t complain with the result and what you have to deal with for the next five years if you DON’T VOTE. Please do what is most important for you, your family, your friends and everyone else you know and vote today. It doesn’t necessarily matter who for, just exercise your democratic right.

When you have more than what you need, build a longer table, not a higher fence.

I’m not going to tell you who to vote for or that you are wrong, because you’re not wrong, whatever you decide is right.

But if you are for the many and not the few, then vote for Labour.



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