The happiest place in Britain? 9 reasons to love Leamington Spa

Having lived in Royal Leamington Spa my whole life, I wasn’t surprised at all when it was named ‘the happiest place in Britain’. Leamington Spa, known as ‘Leam’ to locals, is tiny but mighty, with a regal reputation to match that of the capital. 15 pictures that prove the Midlands are the most beautiful area of the UK Street names such as Oxford Street, Regent Street and Warwick Street all make an appearance in the centre, and there’s even a car park named after Covent Garden. No surprise really, considering Leam is sometimes known as ‘Little London’ to locals. With a great selection of railway links, being only half-an-hour from Birmingham and one hour and 10 minutes direct from London Marylebone, the spa town in is well worth a little visit on your day off. But is it really the happiest place in Britain? Us Leamingtonians would like to think so.

Here are 9 reasons to jump on a train to discover why everyone just loves Leam.


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