All below work and images on this page were created and are hereby owned by myself. No reproduction, personal, academic, or commercial use without my explicit permission.  Copyright (c) 2008-2013, Shehnaz Khan.

During my A-Levels and University years, I created many magazine and newspaper covers and pages, below are specific samples of some of my work.

Fanmag (2013):

During final year, and my Magazine Design and Development module at Staffordshire University, I created a sample of a potential new magazine Fanmag. Fanmag ‘for the fans by the fans’ coined the idea of monthly magazines based around a single celebrity, with the debut issue featuring Rihanna. I produced a front cover, a contents page, two sample pages, and two adverts on Adobe Photoshop CS5 and QuarkXPress. My work was awarded a first.


The Urban Insider (2013):

For my Editing and Production 2 module at Staffordshire University, I created a brand new newspaper sample consisting of a front cover and a double page spread, entitled The Urban Insider on QuarkXPress, and Adobe Photoshop CS4 (for manipulated images) respectively.

Couture (2012):

During second year, I created a brand new magazine cover entitled Couture on both QuarkXPress and Adobe Photoshop CS4 for my Editing and Production 1 module. My cover was awarded a first.


The Mail (2011):

I also created a newspaper page for The Mail (satire) solely on QuarkXPress.

OK! Magazine (2009):

All work for a reworked version of OK! magazine below was created on Adobe Photoshop CS3 during studies for my A2 Media Studies module. All the photographs used (with the exception of those which are celebrities) were also all taken by myself. After earning me an A*, the work in question still remains on the walls of the Media Studies corridor at North Leamington School.

 Copyright (c) 2008-2013, Shehnaz Khan.