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As a freelance journalist and presenter for Yahoo, I have incurred 14,000,000+ individual views and impressions on my work alone in total. I have had hundreds of articles published on Yahoo! News, Yahoo! UK News, Yahoo! Celebrity, Yahoo! Movies, Yahoo! UK TV, Yahoo! Finance and Yahoo! CA News.

Articles range from the likes of celebrity news, movies, television, music, lifestyle, technology, social media and personal experiences. Also involves itching original ideas to editors and claiming numerous assignments.

Additionally involves and conducting interviews with numerous celebrities and recording artists, all of which I organise, present, film, record, edit and produce by my own initiative.



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EastEnders Episode Re-caps & Reviews:

Bianca returns to Albert Square with new boyfriend Terry
Alice is arrested for Michael’s murder
Michael Moon has been murdered! But who killed him?
Michael is given the perfect opportunity to kill Janine but will he go through with it?
Michael continues with his plan to kill Janine
Ian tells Peter the truth – Max is innocent
Denny tries to sabotage Whitney’s career as a teacher
Michael asks Alice to leave Walford with him
Jack says goodbye to Ronnie and leaves Walford for good
Phil gives Ronnie and ultimatum – but will she pick Jack over her family?
Janine tells Michael he’ll be arrested if he goes near her again
Alfie gives Roxy an ultimatum, leave Walford with him or it’s over
Michael warns Alfie that Roxy is lying to him, but who will he believe?
Poppy dumps Fatboy after making a discovery
David gives Masood a warning
David Wicks returns to Albert Square
Dexter finds out he’s a match for Sam, but what will he decide?
Peggy Mitchell returns and then leaves (again!)
Jean says a final goodbye to Kat and Alfie, as she leaves Walford for good
Ollie asks Jean to leave Walford with him, but what will she decide?
Ronnie and Jack reunite as they end up in each others arms
Ronnie Mitchell returns!
Max realises he’s being framed by Carl, but can he save himself before it’s too late?
Phil and Carl get into a car crash! But who will survive?
Max vows to kill Carl if he goes near his family
Someone in Walford has stolen Phil’s money – It was Cindy Junior!
Dexter panics after Phil’s money goes missing
Abi tells Jay she might be pregnant, but how will he react?
Phil gives into Shirley’s demands after she blackmails him
Peter’s not happy when Cindy Junior arrives in Walford
It’s the opening of Sadie’s salon – and Denise ends her relationship with Ian
Carl warns Max is going to get Kirsty back – In just three weeks time
Lauren finds out Joey slept with Whitney
Lauren asks Joey if he still loves her – but what will he say?
Janine and Danny share a kiss – as Michael can only watch on
Tyler says his goodbyes and leaves Walford for good
Max returns to Walford and Kirsty gives him an ultimatum
Kat tries her best to help Whitney – But will she be able to stop her from leaving?
Whitney finally tells Tyler the truth – she slept with Joey
Whitney cheats on Tyler with Joey
Whitney makes a decision when she goes to visit Tony in Prison
What will Ian do when he finds out Jean didn’t act alone?
Jean confesses all to Ian – It was her
Alfie finally tells Kat that he and Rox are engaged
Lucy finally discovers Ian’s secret
What will Ian choose? His family or the business?
Ian tells Lucy about his debt, but will she help her dad?
Dexter gives Ava and ultimatum – it’s him or Sam
Ava struggles to tell Dexter the truth about her and Sam
Michael goes to visit Janine, but will he be able to stop her from leaving? 
Max struggles to cope after Tanya leaves Walford for good
It’s bad news for Lauren as she’s told her liver is damaged
The Branning’s are worried when Lauren goes missing
Tanya takes drastic action, what will she do to stop Lauren?
It’s the opening day of Ian’s new restaurant, but does everything go to plan?
Jay makes a decision he may later regret
Kirsty has a panic attack as she continues to lie to Max about the baby
Is this the end of Phil and Sharon?
Phil discovers Sharon’s secret, but what will he do?
Dexter’s world comes crashing down when he discovers the truth
Lola tries to convince Billy that Sharon’s taking pills
Alice successfully sets out to sabotage Janine
Ian finds a stack of money, but will he do the right thing?
Has Michael given up the fight for Scarlett?
Liam discovers Kane’s gang have been targeting Tiffany
Janine returns to the square and tries her best to make amends
Lauren tells Tanya that Kirsty’s pregnant
Sharon moves in with Phil after being jilted by Jack 
Phil finds out that Jack’s been visiting ex-wife Ronnie
Jack gets locked in a room with Phil
Lexi is rushed to hospital
Lola panics as she discovers Lexi is unwell
Phil and Tanya bond over dinner date
Bianca struggles to deal with Liam’s behaviour

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